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True to fashion girl Beauty

If we say “VOGUE” magazine is the world’s fashion kingdom, then “Vogue”‘s supermodel who is set thousands of pet in one of the little princess, who, after previous fame. Perhaps you Moncler  Femme are familiar with their face, or at least heard of their names. Sasha, Freja, Natasha, ConstanceS and Sessilée, they are representative of contemporary supermodel. You can all kinds of ads in fashion magazines and seen their shadow, their young beautiful, sexy, stylish and full of charm … … they are the major brand designer’s muse, is the idol of thousands of young girls. You may be curious, these girls how real ralph  lauren  homme side, whether they are in the magazine covers, T stage show out of the same? Their real life as imagined interesting? “Fashion Girl” is a “Vogue Paris” on the five supermodel life documentary. Directed by Clarisse in March 2010 during Paris Fashion Week 5 tracking shot that supermodel. Paris Fashion Week is the lengthy, very tired, but also fascinating. All the girls have finished the row in New York, London and Milan shows. All of them harbor the same goal: as much as possible for those classic brand catwalk. 4:00 to start the test equipment, continuous drive show, after the makeup remover, hair was straightened then they were hot curved … … everyone of them has a crazy work schedule. The gap in this crazy schedule, such as the show field corner, hair appointments, the gap, even a car seconds before the show opened, five supermodel in these precious private time out to show their side of the Zumba  Classes character. Natasha has a father when the police, strongly opposed to the year before the age of 15 she joined the fashion circles; Sasha idle like painting, love wearing my mother in the top hotels in the hand-woven in the “warmth” brand sweater; Freja has its own very special to relax means “Floating”; Sessilée her boyfriend with a trip to France; Constance will make use of free time back to northern France to find his childhood friend … … Select this five supermodel as a “fashion girl” in the subject is not accidental: they very professional. As the night sky gazing stars shine, they are the most magnificent one of the most brilliant star, of course, they also have their own shortcomings. Important is how they understand their own fragile beauty of this Ugg  Pas  Cher based on the appearance of his career, how to work with each season has been the maturity of thinking — because of emerging new fashion trend, the only unique, but gas can never .


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