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Traditional Face Lift Vs Beauty Lift?

Traditional beauty

Patients seek out face lifts for several reasons, the most common being the desire to remove wrinkles and sagging from their face in an effort to appear younger and more beautiful. A traditional face lift, also known as a rhytidectomy, is one of the top 10 cosmetic surgery procedures performed today. A Beauty Lift, utilizing the Serdev Suture Suspension technique, is an alternative to traditional face lifts offering no scarring and a very fast period of recovery.

Face lift surgery takes several hours, as surgeons make a large incision from the ear to the hairline, tighten tissues, remove loose skin and 'lift' the remaining skin, finishing up the procedure with sutures. It does leave scars, although they are usually not easily visible due to their discreet placement. A rhytidectomy is major surgery, usually requiring a general anesthetic. Recovery is not immediate, and most patients require several weeks to resume normal activities.

There are several complications which can occur with face lift procedures, including bleeding, infection and necrosis of the skin flaps. There is usually significant swelling and bruising around the incision areas post-surgery, and numbness in the face which can last up to several months.

A much simpler, yet still very effective procedure, is the "Serdev Suture" lift. Utilizing smaller incisions and elastic suture methods, this Beauty Lift procedure is a much less invasive alternative. The Serdev technique is less traumatic for the patient, leaving no scars and offering a rapid recovery with less swelling. Many Beauty Lift patients are able to rapidly resume normal activities. Beauty Lift procedures are performed using local anesthetic, so patients are able to drive themselves to and from the procedure.


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