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Most Popular Fashionable False Nails

Popular fashion

Most popular fashionable false nails
Beautiful nails always bring some bright spots. Image that when ware the beautiful clothes, but it is bleak. It will be very embarrassing to show your hands out. Don't worry about them any more with the false nails. There are all sorts of them shop and prefessional salon in the street. Besides, you can also DIY False Nail at home.
There are various false nials available in the market such as the French manicure, three-dimensional, painted lines and so on.The most popular in the international fashion nail art is the creative means called mosaic. We will introduce several fashionable nail painting here. Of course, not everyone can do all these painting, some have to be done by a professional technician.
1.Fancy color with bright crystal stones which are used as embellishment.
It is the least difficult way called the French manicure nail painting. To make simple changes in characteristics embodied in the fingers, firstly they should be rubbed with a layer of background color. Then paint the white part of the fingertip or another color, pattern a bit fancy with a shiny on your nails. Last, use the stones to do embellishment to your false nails.
2.The three-dimensional mosaic pattern looks thin and smooth.
The highest degree of difficulty is the color of the mosaic done consuming time. Manicurist shall paint background color on the nail, and then paint three-dimensional pattern. The final step is that they should be coated with nail polish to embed the three-dimensional pattern in it, so that they are touched smoothly.
3.Floating sculpture nails suit the ball for a grand.
Floating sculpture is also posted on the them. This is called Floating sculpture nails fashion established by bright resin and crystal. The professionals use them as the main Floating sculpture materials to shape the birds, flowers False Nail and so on. Because of the exaggerated form, they generally suit more nails grand banquet or a ball. And because of the materials and time are spent more, they are more expensive.


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