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I haven't had make up on in weeks but I made this new eye shadow

I haven't had make up on in weeks but I made this new eye shadow Dark Ember and even though it's more of a fall color I was inspired to put some makeup on. :) It's bit of a smokey eye. I was a little disappointed in the eye liner. In the pan it looked like a dark navy but applied it looks more of a royal blue.  Overall though I really love this look.
Eyes: Glitter Glue
Lower lid: Dark Ember
Crease: Luxe
Highlight: Calla - The next time I do this look I will probably use a different highlight and some sort of transition shade from Luxe to the highlight shade.
Liner:  Dark blue from the Sleek Monaco palette.
Mascara: Maybelline One by One Volume Express.  I think I love this mascara!
Face:  Pretty Pampered Primer Powder
Blush Sleek Santorini (Thanks Robyn, I love it!)  Applied with a fibre optic brush
Lips: I started off with NYX Matte Cream in Instanbul with Bashful over it but it was too pink so I blotted it down to just a hint of pink and applied Jaded.
The shadows I used aren't released yet, but I hope to sort through everything and get some of these online soon!
Dark Ember page
Dark Ember


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