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Fashion Wear at the Beach

Beach fashion

Get a dramatic look to go to the beach this summer is not a problem, whatever your style, fashion trends offer us several options that not only combined with our particular way of being, but as highlighted in the fashion.

If you are one of the girls who love bright colors, your style is tropical. This requires you to combine sheer dresses printed with details of flowers in bold colors like green, orange and yellow. Also, floral print bikini with matching raffia bag, ideal for the beach.

Another interesting option is to keep a vintage look, using all the designs of this trend are here to stay. Highlights for this proposal, one piece bathing suits or naive style Lolita, but with retro prints details.

This suit, along with the mini dress, the model makes it ideal for a sunny day. You can complete your vintage look with sunglasses and hat helmet raffia.

If your thing is walking on yachts, you may prefer the marina proposal in which you combine a vintage navy blue bikini, with a blue striped skirt and a white top with shoulder military. This simple combination can be highlighted even more if you combine them with some sunglasses in white frame and a captain's hat.

Finally, we have the surfer style. This proposal is much more sporty, yet fresh. To do so you just combine the style bikini swimsuit and wearing a beach-print top and jean shorts that allow you to walk with ease across the sand.

The summer came and bikinis too! This summer you look super sexy in your bikini , but you still do not know what to buy? We know there are many models, colors and cuts of bathing suits, but you choose the perfect one for you and your body. Victoria's Secret So you bring your new collection and here are a few options that you'll love:

This bikini in a shade of green with printed promote your figure by cutting the top, and having a drink that will give your breasts more firmly and form, the strips that go to the neck will too. The bikini panty has a waistband at the top, which simulate and give more shape to your hips.

If you want something more sexy , this bikini is. This bikini also on green tint has two crossed strips on the back of the top, which will give you comfort. The bikini panty has a waistband not so thick at the top and gives more shape to your silhouette.

This pink bikini with small white ball applications is sexy this summer. Having a blonde on the top of the top and small strips that can be removed for use as a strapless, the cups will also help you look better and give you more support. The short has the same design with white beads and has a thin line made of lace.

All these bikinis from Victoria's Secret can find them in different combinations of colors and sizes. You must choose either the size of both the top as the pants, and not necessarily both have to be the same size, that way you will look and look perfect.


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