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Ceramics In 2010 The Largest Popular Popular "fashion Of Tile"

Popular fashion

Accurately identify trends and home fashion the self-orientation, found that match your personality style decoration, texture and color of good stuff to consider a relationship between induced sexual interest. Where are you going to start from home? Not be in haste, look at the foot, from the living room to the kitchen, bathroom, ceramic tile can be said that the largest proportion of a home improvement spending, and have long been the most important facial at home, to a certain extent the leading decision of the home and even the overall style and temperament, to reflect the value of the owner of fashion and taste perception.

Buy tile, buy products is designed to buy

Today, more and more building materials manufacturers and designers began to focus on how to improve the cultural connotation of bricks, tiles are no longer simply stuck in the concept of decoration materials, art has found a foothold on ceramic tiles.

Under the influence of art, ceramic tile color from the use of materials to the more flexible. In fact, in skilled hands of designers, tile already has the role of diamonds in the rough, to see how designers to carve. After April, often release new season. Fine ceramics in Wuzhou City, reporters enjoyed several new cross-tile products, building materials, general manager of Henan Ho Cheung Wang Jian said that tile products is to "fashion" and popular colors like clothing, as have different quarterly New and decoration reflect the different feelings, or alternative personality, or a simple elegant, or plain serious ... ... With the enhancement of consumer tastes, ceramic tile has long gone beyond the product itself, in addition to quality, consumers are more concerned with its design, a lot of first-line tile Brand, the proportion of investment in design is also growing, tile installation, as the same time, began to diversify, the trend of all households. In surprise, House, Meikailong, Phoenix (Unit showroom albums Forum Virtual critically video) (Unit showroom albums Forum Virtual critically video), and other home stores to see Jane as a retail store, mango, bees, L & D and other brand ceramic products began to focus on scientific and technological content, design, style, trend line can be easily perceived from here.


Increasingly diverse classical style tile

Shanghai's high-end designer decorated U.S. Common Rules nest introduced, such as carpets dragon, phoenix, turtle, lion, etc., carved, Kit Kat magnificent Chinese-style brick, to the popular image of business culture and nature and everyday urban life things as the theme of the new minimalism, from Scotland, made cross-dress fashion inspiration tiles, as well as simplicity of natural stone and stone striae after the modern, according to L & D ceramic marketers said tile products can be "creative "purposes, such as cupboards, decorative door pockets, saddle, etc., and furniture, accessories echoes. The following is a press scouring the past several classic tile design products:

1. Exquisite style: clever imitation of the traditional weaving process, so that the tile surface like silk as fine, smooth, soft fullness. Add special precious pearl glaze, high temperature calcination, the silky effect vividly brick, in a different light angles to produce numerous light and dark shiny rhythm. It lightly with the classic elegance of the new Rococo motifs and abstract character of the mosaic grid flower slice, refined, elegant, noble and generous.

2. Luxury Style: fashion element has been completely integrated into building materials reference over. French leather with hand-embossed leather tanning process grinding, materials extremely resistant, detailed brick grain rich blend of plump soft touch leather, a symbol of courage, adventure, a journey reflected in luxury.

3. Ethnic: Plaid skirt will celebrate the culture used in ceramic tile, express a warm festive atmosphere, and an atmosphere rich presents the Scottish nation.


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