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Dramatic Fashion: Gossip Girl

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Gossip Girl returned from hiatus with “The Kids in the Picture,” and set the stage (hopefully not the pace) for the next four episodes. It is indeed a dramatic fashion as they act with a sense of fashion; they wear women fashion designers dresses and have designer bags and shoes too. While a necessary installment, it wasn’t as exciting as it could have been.


This episode was an appetizer, and not the edge-of-your-seat material that Gossip Girl is capable of delivering. But I guess it served its purpose, new characters were introduced and story lines we left in February were fleshed out a bit.

Viewers were left with a feeling that the big drama is soon to come.


Blair’s foyer has seen its fair share of action in historic GG episodes, so it was only fitting that we were left with some fireworks from an epic kiss between Blair and Dan. Unfortunately the kiss proved to be unsuccessful in winning the feelings of Blair, or so she says. But if we all know Blair when it comes to Chuck being truthful about her feelings is not always in the cards. Is the three-way battle for Blair Waldorf’s love off? I don’t know, but the arrival of Prince Louis in New York as the credits rolled, tells me that things are about to get really interesting.


As the plot unfolded between Blair, Dan and Chuck there was a ripple of disappointment across the board. It’s undeniable that Blair and Dan have a burning chemistry (now confirmed with a kiss that changed Blair’s life, but meant nothing to Dan yet he can’t stop thinking about it).


But at the same time Chuck is Blair’s soulmate (but old habits prove to die hard as he takes two steps forward and three steps back in his quest for Blair’s affection). Both studs proved to be duds as Chuck resorted to an old scheme to try to prove a point instead of just laying it all on the line, and Dan failed to step up at all.


The fact the Blair defended Dan, saying that he’s more mature than Chuck will ever be, makes me think that she was also protecting him when she said their kiss didn’t mean anything. One has to wonder about this one. Blair knows how to put Chuck in his place especially when he goes off the deep end. One thing is for sure – Blair is done being pushed around.


Whether she ends up with a Prince, a Bass or a Labrador Retriever, the downtrodden Queen B will rise again. Meanwhile, the rest of “The Kids Stay in the Picture” centered on an awkward Rhodes / van der Woodsen family reunion and photo shoot (see clever episode title).


There were a few subplots unraveling simultaneously, from Rufus’ distrust of William, Charlie’s conflict with Carol, to Carol being a huge hypocrite. But we must beware that the apples don’t fall far from the tree on Gossip Girl. Case in point is when Carol warns Lily to watch Charlie closely. Too bad we don’t know the fate of the van der Woodsen matriarch as of yet.


The Rufus-William relationship picked up where it left off last season, but they came to an understanding. It looks like the family is circling the wagons after all. But in the end the return of William cannot be a good thing. He wants his kids and he has already demonstrated that he will do anything to make that happen.


Things did get really interesting, but building to a juicy plot is not my idea entertainment. Spread it out, and give us something to watch every episode. Are the writers that afraid of running out of ideas? Or are they not sure what direction to take, since the Dan and Blair pairing didn’t really fly with the majority of Gossip Girl viewers. In any event, this episode was a fashion lover dream. I will be watching gossip girl more and more because I love the their vintage style dresses and fashion handbags.



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