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loves a good deal and when broken down the Lipsurgence pencils wind up being $5.80 a piece

One day on Twitter evil enabler Cait from Swatch Storm (just kidding, you know I love you Cait) tweeted how just picked up these two sets and as soon as I saw them I knew they had to be mine. I adore the Lipsurgence Pencils and had been eyeing the Smoldereys for some time but at $25 a pencil was a little out of my comfort zone.
Mama, loves a good deal and when broken down the Lipsurgence pencils wind up being $5.80 a piece versus $24 for one and the smolderEYES end up being $6.50, what a steal, and also shows you what a mark up there is on these products.  =/
Sorry for the stock photo...bad blogger forgot to take pic's of the packaging.
I would have to say that Dazzled is my favorite of the bunch, it's just  a nice coral with golden shimmer that goes with my skin tone so well.  I think coming up second would be Perky and then Flashy.  Swank is a lovely red when you don't want anything over the top or if red's intimidate you a little.
These are all fairly sheer but buildable colors, so if you like more impact then you might want to skip these, but I find them to be such easy every day colors and Dazzled and Perky have found a place in my makeup bag that I keep in my purse. :)
Again, sorry for the stock photo.
I just realized in editing this post that I didn't swatch the last smolderEYES pencil in Smoke, in fact it seems to be MIA.  When I find it I will update the post with a swatch.
I have to say these smolderEYES pencils have been my go to lately.  A wash of color on the lid with a thick smudgey eye liner, easy peasy!  I really love all of these but Violet is my favorite of the bunch, big surprise it's purple.  I haven't tried Golden Beige or Moss except to swatch and Golden Beige is has most glitter of the bunch.  It's hard to see in the picture though.  I think I might look nice all over the lid with some simple black or chocolate liner.
Anyway, I love a good deal and these get a lot of use from me so definitely worth the price for me.
Have you scored any good deals lately?
Do tell. :D


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