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NYC lifestyle - fashion, food and fun!

If she likes one thing in the world, monkeys, the NYC lifestyle - it was related to fashion or sports or the bustle of office life, the spirit never heard in New York, intrigue and fun! "Boredom" is a word that is not part of the vocabulary of New York. In this multi-ethnic society and welcoming, you never run out of things to do - if you are artistically inclined, you can attend a Broadway theater, if you are physically active as you can the New York Knicks or the Yankees in action to see if you are a gourmet lovers enjoy different cuisines, the city has to offer in fashion
NYC lifestyle - fashion, food and fun!
What The Lifestyle NYC offers
if you could enjoy all the good things in life that you can afford with a minimum of restrictions? This is what the lifestyle in New York promises.
* New York City Entertainment:
* ThinkFirst NY Broadway entertainment and feathers, what you think! But there is more hope! Lovers of opera and ballet will not be disappointed. Lincoln Center hosts ballets, operas, jazz concerts and orchestras.
* For music lovers who visit the Carnegie Hall in New York lifestyle mean for classical music and pop.
* If you are a passionate historian, presented at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, a vast collection of art from around the world -. Byzantine, Islamic, Asian, Egyptian, African and so
* New York City Fashion: New Yorkers are precursors there in summer / spring and fall / winter fashion shows are held every two years dictate what the world is! What are you wearing today announced months ramps luminous NY has been decided.
* New York Food: NYC Eating a variety of drool worthy fare specialties Chinese, Indian and Thai to Mexican cuisine and Greek is the large number of immigrants who have made New York their home address be. Not much ! Skewers to visit home more grown pretzels, hamburgers and hot dogs
* Lifestyle NYC invites you to visit attractions such as Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Rockefeller Center and -. Places, the maximum to attract tourists
* To get an idea of ??the prosperity of New York, walk on Fifth Avenue, where you will be greeted by a range of designer collections - a symbol of prosperity residents of the city boasts of
.* To qualify for a green environment more peaceful, in Central Park to relax among the sculptures and plants. You can take a break from the monotony of daily life hectic under bridges, ponds and sidewalks. If you slip into the feeling that there are rinks and boat trips to take with you. Children can have the zoo and playgrounds.
* If you are lucky and are attentive enough, you can use some of your favorite shows and movies captured on Live Shot! New York City is the place that the second largest in the United States.


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