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Fashion and lifestyle inspired by the hippie

year 1960 brought a change in shocking fashion as clothing hippies came. Young people who had enough agitation restrictive a revolution in the 1950s to challenge the authority and socially accepted norms. Because of the younger generation at that time began to dress in a manner that was unconventional and not restrictive. It was a form of self-expression and the association did not apply to third parties. They did not follow the rules when it comes to fashion. They dressed as they liked to say. The dress was casual and comfortable.

Clothes hippies were also liberating. He was to be free of restrictions. Women's dresses were either long flowing skirts and blouses or pants and tops and skimpy clothes. Men on the other hand, enjoyed the casual frayed jeans paired with colored shirts and leather jackets. Flower Power, Peace and Revolution, the notion of returning to accessories inspired by nature. All homespun or hand work was appreciated. Dresses and jeans were mainly bought by the redevelopment of army surplus clothing, second hand stores and flea markets. It was brave of corporate America and capitalism.

Clothes hippie folk. The style, the impact in the 1960s continue to inspire and influence the way people dress. They are still worn peasant blouses and dresses these days by young women. Fans of the mode is also known to steer a line on this product, as celebrities like permeability offered by such a style. The peasant blouse and a long skirt and flowing hippie clothes and were preferred because these women feel ultra feminine. The accessories of pearls, scarves and shawls are hot sale so far, as they add punch to his appearance.

The hippies were in sustainable living and sustainable energy that has been clearly perceived in the way she lived her life when she made her own clothes hippie .. <-! next page -> Accessories and so they made their own candles, and grow their vegetables were home-made in different things. They provided an alternative lifestyle. To see the hippie influence continues with the quest for organic foods and healthy. You will see a number of shops today with healthier foods. Many people were inspired by the hippies in the days to reach a higher level of consciousness, the method is different. If the hippies took drugs to get to this loss of consciousness, the youth of today, yoga, meditation and even have a set of dietary practices were, rather, at this level.

Although the influence of the hippies is very much in the fashion industry by hippie clothes, it can also in literature, music, film and politics to find. Their views on issues that affect the environment, racial equality, human rights, participation of women and people of non-violence continues today. These concerns are still particularly those relating to the environment such as global warming. Addressed to the younger generation of the 1960s made such an impression and influenced the lives of so many others, that so far the world is not discount the power of youth on issues that affect their lives .


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