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Choosing Skirts For The Young Girl

Skirts are important to young women. Because the skirt can make look beautiful and feminine. Skirts can be an option if you feel bored wearing a skirt.
Indeed, not all models are suitable for our body skirt. Our bodies are very different shape, so it is very important for us to choose the form of a skirt that is suitable for our use. First we need to better recognize our body shape.
Choosing Skirts For The Young Girl
1. Petite women
Suitable use: A skirt that will not fit the body of your small body frame. Choose a skirt that falls above the knee. Pleated skirt combined with platform shoes will give you the impression of height and body shape.
Avoid: a long skirt that falls below the knee. Skirt makes you look shorter and fatter.
2. Bodied woman Rectangle or Straight
Suitable wear: Skirt with shapes like tulips, bubbles, or mermaid will add the illusion on your hips. Play-play with berdetil skirt folds, layers, and wrinkles.
Avoid: straight skirt will not give your body the indentation. Look for a full skirt with accent to increase the volume on your body.
3. Bodied women like Sand Clock
Matches: A classic skirt with a solid color will make you look beautiful. Use with A-line skirt complete with a belt to help accentuate a small waist and your hips lekung.
Avoid: Flouncy skirts or skirts that use a lot of material. Skirt of this type will be covering your curves.
4. Women built like Fruit Pears (Having large hips)
Matches: A-line skirt that falls just above the knee. This skirt will hide your butt and thighs are great. Use dark colors to streamline.
Avoid: tight skirt because it will make people focus only see your big hips.
5. Women built like Apples
Suitable for: Skirt made from chiffon or silk to relieve the body silhouette. Material that is easy to move or light will help you hide the tummy and upper body balance.
Avoid: Skirt with pockets or skirts with folds at the waist. Avoid straight skirts, because your body will look unbalanced, top-heavy.
6. Women Who Have Many grooves
Matches: pencil skirts in solid colors will add to the sleekness of your body shape. Try not to wear skirts that are too tight.
Avoid: Skirts that fall and absolute moves, and use a lot of material will increase the volume on your body shape.
7. Women Have Short Legs
Matches: Skirts above the knee to lengthen your legs. Many ways to lengthen the leg like using a mini skirt and black stockings.
Avoid: Skirt along the calf because it will make you shorter.
8. Long Legged Woman
Suitable: long skirt with a material that fell and thin, or short skirts because you have beautiful legs to show off.
Avoid: not too mini mini skirt and tights without using.


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